Finding Yourself

    Do you come from a christian family but you find yourself coming out?  Me too! In fact , once I told me family and most recent ex, they either laughed and called me confused or told me I need help. Either way, they were not supportive. I feel your pain. Its your life, live it based on what makes you happy and what sustains your future goals. Life’s too short to indulge in negativity. Tips 1)You do not have to tell your family unless you are confident about doing so. 2)Do not let other peoples views on LGBTQI … Continue reading Finding Yourself

Tips for living in your car as a college student

Living in your car, can be rough but even more rough if its raining. College life is hard. What if you have no choice but to live in your car? Take out stack of Loans or live in your car? Here some times for living out your vehicle as a college student Hygiene: Find the showers on your campus and use a locker (or rent one). They are located in PE buildings usually whether community college or University. Do self care because all it take is not taking care of yourself, then you are one grumpy worn-out person. Storage: Get … Continue reading Tips for living in your car as a college student